Sharp back pain during pregnancy – What it could mean and how to relieve it naturally

In this article you’ll learn the 5 common causes for sharp back pain during pregnancy and the best natural solutions that have been proven to work for most moms-to-be. 

There are many common and uncommon causes for sharp back pain during pregnancy, but be encouraged!

I’ve got one new solution, and a couple of “tried and true” ways to help you get your life back from back pain. So you can d what you love to do, free from back pain!

Pregnancy brings so many changes to your body, it’s hard to know what’s normal and when you should absolutely see your doctor. It can be scary.

That’s why I wanted to share some answers with you!

What Causes Sharp Back Pain in Pregnant Women?

Most pregnant women suffer from back pain, especially in the second trimester. Your baby is growing and the changes happening in your body can be hard on your back.

According to WebMD there are several causes for back pain in pregnant women:

  1. Weight gain: You can expect to gain 25-35 lbs during your pregnancy. And as your baby gains weight this can put pressure on the nerves in your pelvis and back. zero compression back brace
  2. Posture changes: As your baby grows, your belly grows and with it your center of gravity shifts. Unless your back has good support, you may feel strained as you lean forward. Our Zero Compression back brace provides extra support in this area! needing extra support
  3. Hormone changes and Muscle Separation: When you’re pregnant your body is producing many hormones. One of them called Relaxin. It’s what helps your pelvic area ligaments relax and loosen to prepare you for pregnancy. But it doesn’t stop in the pelvis. Sometimes Relaxin can weaken the ligaments in your spine causing pain.
  4. Muscle Separation:  Diastasis Recti is a condition where the growing uterus causes the abdominal muscles to separate. According to Diastasis Recti can sometimes lead to other problems including chronic low back pain, urinary incontinence, constipation, pain during sex, and pelvic or hip pain.
  5. Stress: Emotional stress from fluctuating hormones, as well as the stress and exhaustion you experience while juggling a full time work schedule and existing responsibilities can take a toll on your back.

What should you do when you’re experiencing sharp back pain during pregnancy?

Here are some suggestions from Parent’s magazine

  1. First, always have an open line of communication with your doctor.
    You’ll want to be sure to contact your ObGyn if you’re experiencing
    Back pain accompanied by vaginal bleeding or uterine tightening. It could be a sign something more serious is going on, like preterm labor.
  2. When you have a fever and dull ache across your lower back it could be a sign of a kidney or bladder infection that needs immediate attention.
  3. If you experience numbness, tingling, or a sharp, shooting pain in your buttocks, legs, or feet, it could signify compression of the sciatic nerve or other nerves that connect your spine to lower body and pelvic area. The Zero Compression Maternity back brace has helped many women relieve this kind of pain. But be sure to get checked out by your doctor to rule out any serious condition.
  4. When you experience sporadic sudden, severe back pain, without a known cause, make sure you see your doctor. Pregnancy related osteoporosis or arthritis could be the cause if you haven’t experienced a physical trauma like a fall or accident. If you have experienced a physical trauma contact your doctor immediately!

What are some natural remedies for sharp back pain during pregnancy?

  • Chiropractic care
  • Physical Therapy
  • Exercise
  • Zero Compression back brace

How does the Zero Compression Back Brace quickly relieve sharp back pain?

The patented design of the Zero Compression Back Brace has helped many pregnant women relieve their back pain naturally. It works by relieving compression near the lower spine.

We’ve even gotten reviews from women who had previous back injuries like sciatica, who felt better, were able to work longer into their pregnancies and enjoyed a better quality of life because they no longer felt constant lower back pain. Read some of their stories here! 

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There are many common and uncommon causes for sharp back pain during pregnancy. Thankfully there are several dependable drug free solutions to your pain, that can help you experience a joyful, pain free happy pregnancy!

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Have you suffered from sharp back pain during your pregnancy? I’d love to hear how you found relief, or what you’ve tried in the past! Please share your experiences below and help your fellow mama’s to be!

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