Natural Pregnancy Back Pain Relief In Your Second Trimester

Most women begin to experience back pain during the second half of pregnancy. You may be feeling soreness in your lower back and even hip pain. Read more to learn why and 2 ways you can naturally relieve pregnancy back pain without drugs.

Learn 2 quick ways you can naturally relieve pregnancy back pain.

As you’re entering your second trimester, and starting to come out of the fog of the first three months of pregnancy, you’re supposed to be the most enjoyable trimester of pregnancy.

So why are you experiencing increasing back pain?

Several things are happening in your body during this second trimester. You’ve probably read all this stuff before, but I wanted to point out a couple of specific differences between your first and second trimester causes for back pain.

According to an article on WebMD pregnancy pain usually happens where the pelvis meets your spine at the sacroiliac joint.

Standing on your feet for long periods of time may be aggravating your back now when it didn’t before.

As a nurse, and the inventor of the Zero Compression Back Brace, I’ve dedicated my life to caring for others and helping end back pain.

So I wanted to give you a couple of drug free, easy to use suggestions on how to feel better, so you can work, play, and enjoy all the things you love to do!

But before I do, let’s cover quickly some of the most common causes for back pain in pregnancy.

Common Causes For Back Pain in Pregnancy:

During your first trimester back pain is primarily due to increased hormones and stress. Your body is producing higher levels of progesterone to help loosen and stretch the ligaments and tissues that will stretch during your pregnancy. Your can read more about this over on []

During your second trimester increased weight and the mechanics of your body are playing a bigger part in why you may be experiencing back pain during your pregnancy.

As your body changes and your baby grows your center of gravity shifts forward and more strain is put on your lower back. The Sacroiliac joint, which is located in your lower back, receives pressure from the growing uterus, which can cause pain.

The increased hormones designed to prepare your body for the growing baby and childbirth cause your muscles, ligaments and even joints to loosen and shift slightly. While this is a good thing, if your muscles are weak, this can also cause compression in your spine, inflammation, soreness and possibly injury.

If you’ve had pre-existing back issues, these shifts in your body could make your condition worse, so you’ll want to be sure and listen to your body and communicate with your doctor about your pain and concerns.

Two simple quick ways to relieve second trimster back pain:

Ice and Heat Therapy

According to an article by Dr. Laura Riley on applying ice and alternating heat on your lower back, for up to 20 minutes can help bring relief. Be sure to end with ice.

Use a Pregnancy Belt

Support your lower back with a brace designed for use during pregnancy, like the Zero Compression Back Brace.

The Zero Compression Back Brace-Maternity was designed specifically to relieve compression on your lower spine area, which is one of the main sources of back pain. When the compression is relieved, the pain is reduced. Our maternity design helps with with pregnancy onset back pain and pre-existing conditions like sciatica.

Hundreds of people have reported getting their life back from constant pain. Work, drive, shop, and enjoy life without anyone knowing you’ve got a back brace on.

Our patented design is flexible and smooth, comfortable to wear and stays hidden under your clothes (even while you exercise). Enjoy your pregnancy without back pain today!

Have you suffered from second trimester back pain during your pregnancy? I’d love to hear how you found relief, or what you’ve tried in the past! Please share your experiences below and help your fellow mama’s to be!

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