7 Gifts Every Expectant Mom Will Love!

The holidays are here! I don’t know about you but I am so excited to spend time with the people I love, eat delish holiday meals and oh yea… presents! I know it’s a lot to take care of, shopping, wrapping, cooking and cleaning and all that holiday cheer!

To help lift the load a bit, here’s a curated list of fun and useful stuff (highly rated by expectant moms) that you may want to ask “Santa” for this holiday season ;).

And if you’re shopping for a mom-to-be, feel free to use this list of six gifts sure to please any expectant mom (at any budget)!

7 gifts every pregnant mom will love! 

1. Zero Compression Back Brace – Maternity. ($49.95)  Give her the gift of a happy back so she can keep doing the things that bring her joy! Perfect for yogis, fashionistas and every expectant mom who has a busy, active lifestyle. I had to include our maternity brace that helps eliminate back pain with a beautiful & easy to wear flexible design that practically disappears under clothing. She’ll enjoy increased back support to to help balance out her growing belly and relief from lower spine compression common during pregnancy. Sure you could get her a simple belly band that provides a little support, or you could go all the way and get her this patented design proven to reduce compression on her lower back. Especially helpful in later pregnancy, our design has even helped relieve pain from pre-existing conditions like sciatica. Order  at www.zerocompressionbackbrace.com. 

2. Baby Carrier:  Traveling, shopping, going to church, a soft baby carrier helps mama’s keep their babies close, and their babies feeling safe. Here’s a great list of 10 for you to check out over on Brit.co!

3. Pregnancy pillow: ($50.99)I wish these were around when I was pregnant! Pregnancy pillows are popular because they help mom’s to be sleep better, by supporting her joints and helping her alignment while sleeping. And they’re positively cuddly. The one pictured here is the QUEEN ROSE brand available on Amazon Prime. It’s  rated 4.5 stars by over 2,400 people. 

4. Little Martin’s Fetal Doppler ($71.99)What’s a Fetal Doppler you ask? It’s a little device that amplifies the baby’s sounds in the womb! How exciting is that! It’s got a built in heart monitor which counts and displays the baby’s heart rate and also allows mom to record and save the fetal heartbeat to her cell phone or computer. Rated 5 stars by 231 reviews, this model can be found at www.littlemartinsdrawer.com

5. What to expect when you’re expecting. ($11.97) .  This classic book, around since before I had my children decades ago, has been revised and updated. It’s sold over 19 million copies for good reason. It’s pretty much an A to Z guide pregnancy broken down week by week. If you don’t have this one yet, be sure to add it to Santa’s list. Available everywhere books are sold.

6. Super cozy Ugg Ansley Water Resistant Slippers. ($99.95) These beauties are top rated, an will wrap your tired and achey feet with soft, warm shearling, while providing a slip resistant sole for safety! We love ordering over on Nordstrom.com because their customer service is outstanding. 

7. A beautifully scented holiday candle.($46.00) Every expecting mom needs help relaxing and candles are the easiest way to shift the atmosphere in a room. This top rated choice by NEST Fragrances is available on Amazon, as well as many other shops including BlueMercury, Nordstrom, and Macys.  With almost 60 hours of burn time, this 8.1 oz candle is sure to bring the holiday cheer for many nights to come. 

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Do you have an awesome gift idea for expectant moms? I’d love to hear what it is! Spread some holiday cheer by sharing your gift ideas below!

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