5 Drug Free Remedies for Third Trimester Back Pain

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If you’re looking for 5 natural ways to end third trimester back pain, you’re in the right place. You’re so close to the end of your pregnancy excited to meet your little munchkin!

For most people the third trimester is a joyful time. You’re beginning to feel the baby move, and maybe even kick. Your energy is getting a bit better and your nausea should have subsided. But man, your lower back is needing more tender loving care.

Let me encourage you…you’re not alone…and we can help!

But first, if your not clear on why your lower back is so sore, I’ve created a video just for you!

What causes back pain during pregnancy?

I’m happy to say we’ve helped other mom’s like you with our Zero Compression Back Brace. Here’s one of our customer reviews…

I am currently 29 weeks pregnant, and I have been wearing the pregnancy belt for 4 weeks. At about 25 weeks my lower back really started to hurt…When I began wearing the Zero Compression back brace I felt a world of difference. My back feels wonderful. I recommend this belt to anyone who is experiencing any type of back pain”

-Luciana about her experience with Zero Compression Maternity Back Brace

5 Natural Remedies For Third Trimester Back Pain During Pregnancy

Here are 5 simple ways you can pamper your back, and put an end to your pain.

  1. Pamper your pregnant body in a warm bath, and for added comfort, use a terry cloth covered bath pillow. Fill your tub with warm water, no hotter than your body temperature. Be sure to keep the water at or below your body temperature, Water too hot isn’t healthy for your baby. Dim the lights, light a sweet smelling candle, put on some of your favorite relaxing music and soak for a bit. And if you’re wanting to be extra decadent, have a bit of chocolate or ice cream while you soak.
  2. Practice deep breathing exercises to help you wind down and get present, forgetting any worries about the past or future. Just enjoy the moment. A simple method is called Belly Breathing, and can be used whenever you want to relax. Here’s how to do it:
    1. Get into a comfortable, relaxing position
    2. Put one hand on your belly just below your ribs and the other hand on your chest.
    3. Take a deep breath in through your nose, and let your belly push your hand out. Your chest should not move.
    4. Exhale firmly with your lips tight yet open. Keep your hands on your belly to feel the air being pushed out and to make sure you’re exhaling completely.
    5. Repeat up to 10 times, making sure to inhale and exhale fully, yet slowly. 3 to 10 times.
    6. As you’re breathing, focus on the life growing inside you with love and gratitude.
  3. Apply a heating pad, or ice pack to your lower back while sitting down or laying down in your bed. The heat will help loosen your lower back, and hip muscles, and the ice pack will help reduce inflammation. You can alternate these hot and cold therapy methods, approximately 10 -15 minutes each. to help you get relief from pain or tightness.
    • A tip: Put a damp washcloth inside the heating pad cover to create warm, moist heat for your back. Be sure not to leave the heating pad on for longer than 15 minutes though!
    • And for cold therapy, try using a soft, flexible gel wrap designed for the shoulder, a staple in physical therapy offices. You can find a ton on Amazon, and they’re generally much cheaper on Amazon then at your local pharmacy. They’re reusable, and can easily be used your lower back and neck/shoulder areas. Don’t forget to put fabric between you and the ice pack to protect your delicate skin.
  4. Use a back brace to relieve spine/nerve compression during the day: Yes I have to share my Zero Compression back brace with you in this blogpost. Why? Because it works! We have testimony after testimony of how moms like you have gotten relief from lower back pain, even sciatica pain, almost immediately. Imagine working, driving, shopping, exercising, even swimming, with less back pain. All because you’re using a supportive back brace that takes the compression off of your lower back/spine area. It’s so easy to use, even for you to put on yourself, and no one will know you’re wearing it. You gotta give it a try! Order your back brace here.
  5. Use a pregnancy body pillow while laying down and sleeping: Pregnancy pillows help provide additional support to your body, and help you stay in a position that is healthy for you and your baby. They’re large, U-shaped and mold themselves to your body. They’re designed to help you sleep better by keeping your spine properly aligned, and eliminating pressure on your joints, knees and elbows. And they’re just plain cuddly! 🙂

Did you know that the position you sleep in could effect the health of your baby? It’s true. You can read more about how the best sleeping positions while pregnant here.

I hope you try at least one of these ways to naturally reduce back pain in your third trimester, so you can sleep better, and enjoy your pregnancy!

Do you currently suffer from lower back pain during your pregnancy? Please share your experience below! And if you try one of our suggestions, I’d love to hear which one you tried, and what you thought!

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